Digital technology

M.Foundation is investing in digital technology to connect people

M.Foundation is supporting the creation of an « Augmented » technology ; based on the fundamental values of the A.C.H It serves as a universal connector between people, organisations etc. It enables a collective mobilisation and allows it to be recognised wherever on the planet it may be happening. It facilitates the quality and flexibility of those communications necessary in preparing this century to become a century of « e. illumination »

In particular, it promotes all forms of artistic manifestation (architecture, physical expression, music, painting etc.) in short, any form of presentation which can be shared, for the transmssion of emotions with a total freedom of expression. Achieving these objectives demands a strategy for creating the means to improve the socio-economic conditions of life for everyone.

These digital tools constitute a new ecosystem capable of engendering the change of paradigm relevant to the mobilisation of every ethinaut.

What is an « ethinaut »

An ethinaut is an internaut, or surfer, who chooses to support and use an ethical internet ; an internet which does not take possession of personal data.

Becoming an active ethinaut

M.Foundation defends a digital means of adjustment between Offer And Demand based on the concept of « agreed marketing » the fundamental principle of which is inversion of the polarisation of the commercial act. The buyer reclaims his power of definition and decision in space and time from the initial research of his product through to delivery, by not needing to reveal his identity. This is totally opposed to direct marketing techniques which try to obtain acceptance of the goods by any commercial means based on a personal identification of the client and a bombardment of publicity.

The consequences of the proposition are :

  • legal : M.Foundation considers that there is nothing wrong with seizing internauts’ personal details and that it is perfectly possible to adapt the rules of trading without harming the business : It is simply a matter of changing from a unilateral right to one that is by mutual consnt. The GDPR is only a form of regulation, hardly ever referred to, a sort of poutlice on a wooden leg as it is clumsy and complicated to use.
  • structural : The Brand name will have to indicate the content in terms of customer expectation. Customers will formulate a choice that is defined, not artificially by fashion campaigns with a life span no longer than a shooting star, but by awareness of social evolution as expressed by the final user.
  • circumstantial : The arrival of domestic CAD, the 3D printer, which enables working from home with a variety of materials (wool, metal, plastic, living cells etc) gives the final customer access to the ethnic production process. The Brand name becomes the provider of all, or some of the elements needed to obtain the final product required.