To allow it to carry out its actions efficiently, M.Foundation has been set up as a Pan-Foundation. It is made up of a foundation which protects the inventor, a developing company for the incubation of new ideas and a green financial backing.

Mauduit Ltd’s mission is to give substance to the Chrysalis economy which will function according to the rule of three P’s ( Profits, Person, Planet ). Its company legitimacy implies that it is governed by the concept of Augmented Value Added (AVA). The company is defined by the value added produced according to the link between machine/labour ; the Value Added is accountable and HMRC is all too happy to take its share in the form of taxes : Value Added Tax (VAT)

The dominant economic vision of the old finance-based economy is that of productivity for the purpose of increasing theValue Added, paying no heed to the secondary effect of the transformation which generates it. Hence, if in terms of accountability, a taxable value added is achieved, this could be disastrous in terms of Carbon emissions with a knock-on effect effect on health, homes, and the climate not to mention claims for compensation. Finally, if you take away the the negative cost of « brute » Value Added, the final result could be very bad ; nevertheless, the State continues to grow fat on its taxes… Thus, M.Foundation’s mission is to identify revolutionary innovations with a potential Value Added of as near as possible to 100 %. For this they use all the relevant means, such as their « centre of excellence » plan. To give an example, M.Foundation has set up « Minealithe Vallée » as a Centre of Excellence on the basis of material created by the Minealithe laboratory. It will have an impact on some thirty segments of the parent market and these will move, sometimes radically, towards a Sustainable Development. One such is the sector creating ceramic bathroom equipment.